Mastering Zipguide Usage Tips: Double the Durability

To extend the lifespan of your Zipguide Outdoor blind and ensure lasting durability, we recommend following

these simple care and maintenance guidelines.

Regular Cleaning (At least every 3 months):

  • Ensure surfaces are free from dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Clean the Zipguide blind with a soft brush.
  • Clean the aluminum powder-coated surface with a soft cloth and a small amount of mild or neutral detergent if necessary. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents (e.g., Clorox or steel wool) under any circumstances.



  • 确保表面没有灰尘和污垢。
  • 用软刷清洁Zipguide室外帘的布料。
  • 如有需要,可使用少量温和或中性洗涤剂清洁铝材的喷粉涂层表面。任何情况下都不要使用研磨清洁剂(例如Clorox或钢绵)。

Common Characteristics:

During the initial installation and lowering of Zipguide outdoor blinds, some wrinkles may appear on both sides of the tracks, which is a normal phenomenon. The new fabric may experience slight natural shrinkage in hot weather, so we cut the fabric slightly wider to allow for minor stretching and natural rebounding under high outdoor temperatures and the weight of the bottom bar. Over time, these wrinkles will gradually reduce.
When operating the motorized outdoor blinds, you may experience some “jolting” and “squeaking” sounds. This is due to wind causing the fabric to be pushed to one side, resulting in increased friction between the zipper and the plastic zipper holder, leading to the occasional noise or slight vibration. Please rest assured that this occurrence will not damage the outdoor blinds and is considered a normal phenomenon.



Do Not:

  • Do not roll up the Zipguide blind when it is wet to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Please ensure there are no obstructions below the Zipguide before closing it. Mishandling may cause the bottom rail stuck
  • During strong winds and heavy rain, please avoid lowering or raising the Zipguide outdoor blinds. The high wind pressure may cause the fabric and bottom rail to get stuck, preventing smooth operation. The zipper may also be forcefully detached from the side rails or the fabric may tear. Please note that these issues are a result of improper operation and are not covered under warranty.
  • If the outdoor blind gets stuck, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Instead, turn off the power, stop the operation, and promptly contact your Zipguide supplier for repair.



  • 布料潮湿时不要卷起Zipguide室外帘, 以防止发霉和霉菌滋生。
  • 请确保zipguide下边没有任何阻碍物才可以关上, 误操作会导致下轨被卡住。
  • 在大风大雨的天气条件下,请千万不要操作Zipguide室外帘的下降或上升。过高的风压可能会导致布料和下轨卡住,使遮阳帘无法顺利运行。拉链也有可能被强行脱离边轨或导致布料被撕裂。请注意,这些是由于人为误操作而导致的情况,不在保修范围内
  • 如果遮阳帘卡住,请不要自行修理。应该关闭电源,停止操作,并尽快联系您的Zipguide供应商进行维修。


We recommend rolling down the blind when not in use for an extended period, as leaving it rolled up for a long time may cause the roller tube to sag in the middle due to the fabric and bottom bar’s weight, leading to damage and preventing smooth rolling. This is especially important for Zipguide blinds exceeding 4 meters in width. 

Note: Zipguide Ultra is an exception to this recommendation.



注意:Zipguide Ultra除外